The anatomy of a ‘jugger’ and how police say a sting caught three of them

Doral police arrested three “juggers” at Miami International Mall.
Doral police arrested three “juggers” at Miami International Mall. File

Doral police say they set a jugger trap and caught a jugger threesome.

And they remind you not to stop somewhere like Walmart, Starbucks or the mall once you’ve taken a big hunk of cash out of the bank.

Doral says its sting operation caught Houston residents Andre Taylor, Porscha Moore and Robert Jenkins last Friday. Each faces one count each of burglary on an unoccupied car, possession of burglary tools, misdemeanor marijuana possession and petit theft. Taylor and Moore have posted their $11,500 bond. Jenkins remained in Miami-Dade Corrections custody as of Thursday morning.

“Bank juggers” stake out bank branches and ATMs, watching for people leaving with what appear to be large cash withdrawals (bank cash pouches get their attention). They follow potential victims in hopes the victim will stop at another establishment while leaving the cash in the car. Then, they can pull off a lucrative theft with the ease and non-violence of a car burglary.

Defending against bank juggers involves common sense moves such as: don’t walk around with obvious cash carriers (bank cash cases, fat envelopes) visible; don’t leave large amounts of cash in the car; and take large cash withdrawals directly to their places of use.

Doral police decided to observe bank parking lots around the city, then set up a sting when they found a probable jugger. According to the arrest reports of the Houston crew, they spotted a 2017 Jeep Patriot with a Texas license plate and tinted windows parked directly outside the Walls Fargo branch at Northwest 107th Avenue and 41st Street. The SUV remained in the spot for a while, backed out, then re-parked in the same spot with a prime view of the doorway and ATM.

Police ran the plates, which came back registered to Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Knowing rental companies rarely tint windows and bank juggers often use rentals after tinting the windows, Doral police kept watch on the Jeep through its travels around Doral and West Miami Dade — Wells Fargo to Citibank to tailing an Infiniti SUV to Miami International Mall, 1455 NW 107th Ave.

At International Mall, the report says, one of the Jeep’s occupants perused the Infiniti’s contents through the window after the Infiniti’s driver entered the mall.

When the Jeep returned to the Citibank at 10805 NW 41st St., the Doral cops sent a sergeant in plainclothes into the bank. He emerged minutes later with a white envelope and hopped into a white Nissan SUV.

The Jeep occupants took the cheese, the report claims. After the Nissan SUV parked near the International Mall Macy’s, one of the men in the Jeep made sure the sergeant was inside the mall. The Jeep parked next to the Nissan SUV, Taylor broke in and took the envelope. Doral police promptly busted the Jeep trio.

According to the report, each of the three confessed. Jenkins said he had a bad feeling about Friday, but they went ahead because they were short cash.

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