What do Taiwan, Aruba and Colombia have in common? Doral.

Doral signed its newest sister city agreement with Armenia, Colombia on March 25.
Doral signed its newest sister city agreement with Armenia, Colombia on March 25. City of Doral

Doral has acquired a new sibling.

The municipality signed its most recent sister city agreement with the City of Armenia, Colombia. Armenia joins New Taipei City in Taiwan, Oranjestad in Aruba and Barranquilla, Colombia. Guatemala City is next.

To make things official, Doral officials held a ceremony at City Hall over the weekend. Armenia Mayor Carlos Mario Alvarez Morales was present, along with Doral Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez and members of the City Council, who say the “agreement will result in active cultural partnership and stimulate bilateral trade between the two municipalities.”

“The City of Armenia will not sign any more sister city agreements in order to concentrate on activating this agreement with the City of Doral,” Alvarez said in a press release.

So far, the existing sister city agreements have brought foreign flair to the city of 58,000 residents.

“The hunt is already under way for a location for an ‘Aruban Village’ consisting of retail stores, a performance space and restaurant. Aruban nano-technology firm ‘Noxtak’ did a high-tech evaluation of City Hall’s electro-pollution levels,” said Evan Owen, Doral’s spokesman.

He added that Armenia is already eager to do business.

“Their trade delegation attended a special networking event in the Miami Free Zone. Talks began between Carlos Albizu University and Gran Colombia University while Cafe Quindio served piping hot cups of coffee and delicious coffee-infused biscuits called ‘cafecitas,’ ” Owen said.

After the ceremony, there was a live performance by Aníbal Velásquez, a Barranquilla musician, and Johnny Scharbaay, an Aruban pianist, at Downtown Doral Park across from City Hall.

“I’ve always said we are the most diverse city, in the most diverse state in the most diverse nation on earth. I think sister cities really complement that, but I don’t want to collect agreements, I want active programs,” Bermudez said.

City of Doral's newest development, CityPlace Doral by the Related Group opens on Friday, March 17, 2017. The mix-use development will offer a variety of shops, dinning and services with apartments, condos and single family homes.