Coral Gables

Stolen Baby Jesus statue returns to Coral Gables nativity scene just in time

A baby Jesus statue, which was stolen by three unidentified individuals earlier this month, was returned to a nativity scene in Coral Gables on Christmas Eve.

On Dec. 3, three suspects vandalized the nativity scene at 121 Alhambra Plaza, spraying the statues with blue and yellow paint, and stole the baby Jesus.

The statue, valued at about $2,500, was found days later, but had suffered damage. It was repaired by owner Allen Morris, Chairman and CEO of The Allen Morris Company, which also owns the property where the nativity scene is located.

“The manger area is extremely meaningful to the community,” the company said in a news release. “The community’s response has been heart-warming, and I trust that the presence of the Nativity scene will continue to be an inspiration this holiday season.”