Coral Gables

South Miami cop shoots man in Coral Gables gas station

A man was shot by a South Miami police officer Sunday evening after he made “an overt movement and ignored the officer's commands,” police said.

The shooting of Michael Gavin, 36, at a Shell Gas Station in Coral Gables, was the fifth police-involved shooting by a South Florida cop over the weekend.

Gavin was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. Also expected to survive are three males shot Friday night in South Miami-Dade after a Miami-Dade officer spotted them leaving a store in a stolen police vehicle. They were shot after a brief chase in which they crashed, police said.

Police said as the officer approached the vehicle, the driver steered it and moved toward him, forcing the officer to fire.

Then late Sunday afternoon another man was shot on Northwest 79th Street at 16th Avenue after a brief chase. Police said they received word of a carjacking and two robberies in the area, when a detective spotted the vehicle identified in the crimes. It wasn't clear if the man fired at the detective before he was shot, but police said they recovered a gun at the scene.

Then later Sunday, Miami-Dade police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said a South Miami officer was trying to pull over the vehicle Gavin was driving, when he stopped at a Shell station just outside South Miami. Police said the officer was escorting Gavin to the police vehicle when he disobeyed a command and was shot in the upper torso.

He's been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and resisting arrest without violence.