Coral Gables

He came in asking about a ring. He left with $1 million in jewelry.

An armed robber pulled a gun on a husband and father and left him tied up in a closet Monday morning while stealing $1 million in jewelry, according to Coral Gables jewelry store owner Estelle Maury.

Spoken to by phone Monday evening, Maury said she was estimating on the $1 million in jewels taken from Riviera Jewelers, 369 Miracle Mile, which she and husband Christophe Maury own. But she knew exactly what else she lost in the first armed robbery in 25 years of business: a sense of security.

“What I’m afraid of is is someone watching us?” Estelle Maury said. “Before this, we felt more secure here in Coral Gables than in our shop in Paris. Everybody can have a gun here. So, I don’t feel secure.”

She felt lucky no was injured in the robbery. Just after the 10:30 a.m. store opening, she said, a man who had been in last week looking at a ring for his wife or girlfriend returned. Shortly after being allowed into the store, he pulled a gun on Christophe Maury. The robber demanded Maury empty the safe into a plastic bag. Then, he tied Maury’s arms and put the store owner in the closet.

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