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Scammers still posing as IRS after tax season

First let me start with wishing everyone who is a Mom a Happy Mothers’ Day wishing you a blessed day and most important good health.

Now for the last couple of weeks I have been bombarded with emails regarding the IRS, something I wrote about several weeks ago, where people have been getting calls from them and emails. As I mentioned before, IRS does not make phone calls or emails. So I wanted to share with you a few emails that I received from readers who were astute enough not to fall for this scam. We are still not out of these “phone calls or emails” since the tax deadline was just a few weeks ago, people are still getting these. The other thing I want to remind you is not to place your tax payment in your mailbox; please take it to the post office because criminals are still checking for those payments to steal. Below I have a couple of emails I think you will find interesting as to how the criminals operate. I have forwarded every email I have received to the local IRS office:

“Carmen, please pass this on. We received a call (which we let go to answering machine) where-in the female caller stated they have been trying to get in touch with us and this would be the final call. The IRS is filing a lawsuit against us and we need to call a number immediately or else.

The calling number showed up as New York 607-397-8255 and the number to call was 469-277-6754. The calling number is traced as a payphone in Worcester, NY and the number to call traces to Plano, Texas (thank you Intellius). You have reported about phone call fraud before and I thought you might be interested in this one. Is there anyone I can contact about this? The no-call list people are useless as they are so over loaded. Thanks for your work and take care.” Steve Wakulich

“Carmen, thanks for talking to me today. Here is the "phoney" number they gave me. It was a robo call with recorded number: ‘you or your attorney should call this number as soon as possible. Or, we cannot guarantee how this may affect you, etc. etc.’. I did NOT call the number. The number was: 202-599-9606” Thanks Sarah

“Carmen, thank you for your weekly information on crime issues, they have helped many of us Seniors when it comes to ‘scams’ since there really isn’t any sources out there that provide us with information. Yesterday, I received a call from a supposed IRS agent who was very rude and hostile demanding my credit card to pay my IRS payment balance. I knew from the start this was a scam, from reading your articles. I was very firm and told him to ‘fly off’ and that it was a scam. Well he called about 10 times just to harass me into giving him my number and each time I just said a few choice words to him (I am 91 and WWII Veteran so I had a lot of choice words). So I share this so that people do the same thing, and not be scare of these hoodlums.” Kevin, Daytona Beach

Carmen Caldwell is executive director of Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade. Send feedback and news for this column to, or call her at 305-470-1670.