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A Miami mystery: Where is Olympic sailor Trevor Moore?

The Coast Guard was scrambling Friday to solve a nautical mystery — the baffling disappearance of a world-class sailor.

The 16-foot craft of U.S. Olympic sailor Trevor Moore was found off Dinner Key Thursday afternoon, tangled in mooring lines, its engine idling. But Moore was nowhere to be found.

Multiple agencies headed by the U.S. Coast Guard continued to search Friday afternoon for the Olympian.

Florida Fish & Wildlife South Region public information coordinator Liz Barraco said the search, involving more than a dozen boats and two helicopters, was focusing on an area near Soldier Key, five miles south of Cape Florida and seven miles east of the mainland. The boat’s GPS indicates at some point there was a shift in direction and speed around a mile from Soldier Key.

Personal items of Moore’s, including a life vest, remained on the VSR rigid-hulled inflatable boat when it was found after 5 p.m. Thursday. FWC will lead the investigation once the search ends.

“We’re still hoping for the best,” Barraco said.

Moore finished 15th in the 49er class at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The native of North Pomfret, Vermont, and former resident of Naples now lives in Miami, according to his Facebook page. Fiancée Libby Patton’s Facebook page says they were engaged March 6 and asks friends to pray for Moore.