Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove's Barnacle house hosts a community

The Barnacle State Historic Park, located in the heart of commercial Coconut Grove, offers a look back at a time before roads, cars and condominiums brought businesses and noise to the neighborhood. It’s a bayside oasis that hosts many events for both adults and children, including dances, yoga classes, movies under the stars and a concert every second Friday of the month.

“Once you pass through those gates, you just get the solace, peace, and quiet,” said Brittany Williams-Sanders, 24, a Miamian who has been guiding tours of the park for a year.  “That’s what makes this place so special.”

The Barnacle was built in 1891, not long after the historic Mariah Brown House in Coconut Grove. One of the founders of Coconut Grove, Commodore Ralph Middleton Munroe, who first came to Florida after doctors recommended he move somewhere warm with his ill wife.  In 1886, four years after his wife died from tuberculosis, Munroe purchased 40 acres of bayfront property for $800, paying with $400 cash and one of his yachts.

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