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Aventura ballot measure would amend term limits to let commissioners run for mayor


Aventura residents will vote this month on a measure that could determine their choices for mayor in 2022.

As it stands now, the city charter prevents a two-term commissioner from running for mayor. Commissioners are limited to two terms in office, and the current charter doesn’t differentiate between the positions of mayor and commissioner. The ballot measure seeks to change that. On Aug. 28, Aventura residents will be asked to consider an amendment to allow a termed-out commissioner to run for mayor. Individuals in both positions would be limited to two four-year terms..

The ballot measure is “just sort of correcting a glitch in the Aventura charter,” said Commissioner Howard Weinberg. “With government best practices, when there are term limits there are usually exceptions for a commissioner running for mayor so you have continuity in municipal government.”

The deadline for candidates to file for the November election will come before an amended charter would take effect, so the result of this month’s vote won’t be felt until the 2022 mayoral election.

Under the current charter, none of the sitting commissioners would be able to run for mayor in four years.

“It would necessarily by law have to be an outsider,” said Weinberg, who spoke in support of the charter amendment. “Maybe that’s good or maybe that’s bad. But it should be up to the voter.”

The City Commission put the charter amendment on the Aug. 28 ballot by a 7-0 vote. “There was no opposition publicly or within the commission,” said Weinberg.

The following language will appear on the August ballot:

‘In an effort to assure a continuity of experience in City government, and enhance the ability of the voters to elect an experienced Commissioner as Mayor, the City Commission proposes that the City Charter be amended to enable term-limited Commissioners to be able to run for election to the office of Mayor and be able to serve up to two consecutive terms as Mayor if elected.

Shall the above-described Charter amendment be adopted?’

A majority yes vote would amend the city charter.