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Letter: Thank you to the staff at Aventura Waterways K-8 Center

As school year comes to an end and our twin boys, Ethan and Yonathan, graduate second grade at Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, we want to take some time to acknowledge the people that helped us get thus far.

Our boys have been at AWK8 since school year 2012-13. During this time, the school staff at has been closely supporting our family with periodic Individual Educational Plan meetings and a constantly fluid dialog.

Per the boys’ IEPs, there were unique challenges faced and conquered and some that still remain.

Despite these, the boys have made great progress academically and, no less important, socially.

We feel this has been a great year for the boys, and attribute much of it to the school team.

There are two wonderful people at AWK8 that I would like to mention specifically: Mr. T. Michael Callaghan, K-2 Resource Teacher and Mr. David Reiss, Special Ed Chair.

Mr. Reiss has been our go-to person from the first day we set foot in the school. His dedication, patience and warmth are commendable. It is wonderful to have such a caring person working with us parents.

Mr. Callaghan has been with Ethan and Yonathan in various stages since they joined AWK8 three years ago. He has been a true partner in advancing their academic and social development.

No amount of words can possibly express our gratitude and happiness towards Mr. Callaghan.

Having the boys in his class has been a blessing. His dedication, warm attitude and love — not only to our children, but also to the parents — are commendable.

We’d like to thank him for being there. For listening and working together with us thus far with the common goal of having the boys make the most out of themselves.

Thank you for sharing the most valuable asset you have with us — your time.

You have made the lives of our entire family happier. Thank you for that and enjoy a very well deserved summer vacation!

Sharon and Pablo Garfunkel, Aventura

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