Miami-Dade County

Shootout panics NW Miami-Dade neighborhood, nearby schools

Gunfire during a wild shootout scared residents in a Northwest Miami-Dade neighborhood and prompted a lock-down at two nearby schools.

Miami-Dade Police detective Daniel Ferrin said gunmen in two black cars fired at each other and then took off. No one was injured, but bullets hit a white AT&T truck.

Miami-Dade police sealed off an area on Northwest 50th Street between 22nd and 23rd avenues.

Dozens of shots were fired.

“I heard gunshots, like an AK going off,” said Sheridan Reese, who works at Earlington Heights Elementary, 4750 NW 22nd Ave. “I thought we were getting shot up. So we locked down the school building.”

Brownsville Middle School, 4899 NW 24th Ave., next to where the shots were fired, was also on a brief lockdown.

“I am taking my daughter out of classes,” said Tisha Wright, who went to Brownsville Middle after hearing about the shooting.

“I don’t want her going to school where there are shootings,” she said. “I was worried and I have big concerns that I was going to get a call that my daughter was hurt.”

No bullets hit the schools.

Janice Brown immediately thought about her son.

“They need to stop the crime here in the neighborhood,” Brown said. “I have an autistic son that goes here. It’s bad. Kids could be transitioning from classrooms or going through the gate here. I feel bad because something could have happened.”

Miami-Dade police say they don’t have a description of the suspects.