Miami-Dade County

Taxi driver robbed, pistol-whipped in Miami-Dade



A taxi driver’s head was wrapped in bandages as he spoke with Miami-Dade police following an armed robbery in Miami.

The cab driver’s co-worker, Mike Fayaz, watched it happen early Sunday morning just as the sun was rising.

“He was sitting there in his private car waiting for me to come in,” said Fayaz, who said they share a taxi cab. “I work in the night. He works in the day.”

The victim was parked in his personal vehicle in the 1200 block of Northweast 204th Terrace, waiting for Fayaz to swap out.

He thinks the crooks were waiting for the two drivers.

“They must have been sitting somewhere just watching us, you know? They must have been watching for a few days what’s going on here,” Fayaz added. “We just start parking there for the last two weeks.”

Fayaz said the robbers pistol-whipped his co-worker, taking his phone and some cash.

“He had $500 in his pocket, he said.”

Fayaz told police the men ran, leaving his co-worker with a cut on his head and both of them shaken up.

“It could have been me,” Fayaz said. “I was coming here at 5 o’clock before him. I was going to come here and park.”