Miami-Dade County

Teen dead, two kids injured after shooters take aim at Liberty City home

City of Miami Detectives investigating shooting in the 6900 block of NW 6th Avenue.
City of Miami Detectives investigating shooting in the 6900 block of NW 6th Avenue.

Tremmelle Raymond Sr. avoids watching the newscasts. Too often, they tell of children shot in Liberty City, and he would feel an empathetic sadness and anger as a father of four.

On Thursday morning, the sadness, anger and helplessness swirled inside him. All his admonishments to his children on how to stay away from trouble didn’t prevent trouble from coming to the door of his Liberty City home.

A gunman on Wednesday night fatally shot his oldest son, 18-year-old Tremmelle Raymond Jr., and, from the doorway, kept shooting into the house in the 6900 block of Northwest Sixth Court. The shots, coming just before midnight, also hit Raymond Jr.’s 11-year-old sister in a hand and his 13-year-old brother behind a knee.

“My son wasn’t a bad kid. This is just some unnecessary nonsense. I’m quite sure if we find out more, it’ll probably be some petty b.s.,” Raymond Sr. said.

“I was at work. He was sitting outside. He was on the phone with his girlfriend when it went down. My other kids were in the house. As the person came up to [Raymond Jr.] shooting at him, they heard the noise. They wanted to see what the noise was. Apparently, he didn’t come in the house, but just stood at the door shooting into the house. They saw little kids there and they kept shooting.”

The younger kids are spending some time in the hospital, but they’ll be fine, Raymond said.

He said Tremmelle Raymond Jr., inspired by an older sister attending college, was trying to graduate high school and attend college himself.

With graduation imminent, Miami-Dade school superintendent Alberto Carvalho took to Twitter to express “heartbreak.”