Miami-Dade County

Man with knife in mouth jumps on moving car before showdown with cop


A stretch of the Palmetto Expressway was shut down Tuesday night after a bizarre incident that involved a man jumping on the hood of a moving vehicle with a knife in his mouth.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a man’s vehicle broke down on the side of the Palmetto sometime after 9 p.m.

The man tried flagging people down for help.

He ended up jumping on the hood of a white Mercedes driven by a woman near Northwest 67th Avenue.

The woman, terrified of having man with knife in his mouth on her hood, didn’t stop driving

She kept traveling eastbound down the Palmetto until she spotted an off-duty FHP trooper at 57th Avenue and ran to him for help.

After an exchange between the trooper and the knife-wielding man, the trooper ended up using his Taser.

“A lot of things could have gone bad. He could have gotten run over by a car. Things could have gone differently,” said Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez. “The trooper in this case ... felt that his life was threatened, but he did what he is trained to do. And he used a less deadly method. In this case he used his Taser.”

The suspect was then arrested under the Baker Act.

FHP said that the man was either on drugs or had some sort of mental issue.