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Teen party at King of Diamonds strip club moved after public pressure

A flier promoting teen party at King of Diamonds, a strip club in Miami Gardens.
A flier promoting teen party at King of Diamonds, a strip club in Miami Gardens.

The King of Diamonds ranks among South Florida’s signature strip clubs — packing in a mostly black crowd that includes athletes and celebrities and producing dancers that have become stars of sorts themselves, like Blac Chyna, a model who dates a Kardashian.

Not so popular: Plans for a party for teenagers at the Miami Gardens club.

A flier advertising a “teen event” at the infamous Miami Gardens strip club King of Diamonds — with no dancers or alcohol — ricocheted around Miami-Dade social media, infuriating parents and community leaders.

An alternate version of a flier advertised it as the #NOIDPARTY, but both had prominent images of scantily clad women.

State representatives, mayors, commissioners and other community leaders lined up to denounce the event at a press conference Thursday on the front steps of the strip club.

“This sends the wrong message to our youth and should not be allowed to happen,” Barbara Watson, a state representative from Miami Gardens, said in a statement. “We are not trying to interfere with KOD’s business, however when it affects minors, we have to speak up.”

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara Jordan also has strong words for the promoters of the June 9 event.

“How dare you. How dare you think for one moment we would sit by and tolerate you coming to our community,” she said. “How dare you think we would allow this to happen without it going unanswered.”

Jordan urged parents to know where their children are, and to “trust, but verify.” She said she’d use the same strategy to make sure KOD doesn’t back out on their agreement not to hold the event.

But that doesn’t appear to have deterred event promoter Steve Hirsch, who was identified on the flier by his Instagram handle @cash_tme.

On his account, students from schools from Miami-Dade to Jacksonville posed for photos clutching promotional t-shirts, water bottles, mini frisbees and tickets, which went for $15 with the “VIP All Access” pass sold for $30.


Dillard #KD#june9

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Hirsch wrote in a Facebook status that the event was still on, just in a new venue.

By the looks of a screenshot posted on Instagram by Hirsch, word of the event spread widely. He told NBC6 news he sold more than 1,000 tickets.



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He hasn’t yet announced the location of the new venue.