Miami-Dade County

Police recapture suspect, barefoot in hospital gown, who fled FIU area

Ivan Zapata
Ivan Zapata

Police have recaptured a man who escaped an officer’s custody Friday after setting up a perimeter around Florida International University.

The man, Ivan Zapata, 21, was found about 2:22 p.m. in Hialeah Gardens.

The man assaulted the officer before getting away by carjacking a vehicle, according to Miami-Dade police. The man then abandoned the car at FIU’s campus, police said.

Zapata was described as a white male, 190 pounds with a tattoo on his face, wearing a hospital gown and no shoes.

He was charged with sexual and aggravated battery after police said he sexually assaulted his girlfriend.

FIU police officers were located at campus entrances during the search, but the university was never on lockdown. Alerts sent to students requested that they remain indoors and consider the fleeing man to be dangerous.

Sweetwater Elementary and Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary were locked down, and the public was asked to stay away from the area of Southwest 107th Avenue and 8th Street through Southwest 117th Avenue and 8th Street.

CBS4 contributed to this news report.