Miami-Dade County

Wife of Miami-Dade cop killed after her bicycle was struck by a vehicle

The wife of a Miami-Dade police lieutenant was killed early Saturday morning when a vehicle struck her bicycle as she was riding through the Redland in deep South Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade Police Lt. Jorge Interian, riding along with his wife, was also struck. He’s expected to live. Both were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where the officer’s wife was pronounced dead. Her name hadn’t been released by late Monday morning.

“Both of them were struck. He was banged up quite a bit,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Jennifer Capote.

Little information was available Monday morning, though there continued to be a large police presence at Jackson. Interian is a lieutenant in the department’s public corruption bureau.

Capote said the driver remained on the scene and that it appears to be an accident. It wasn’t clear Monday if the driver had been issued a ticket or charged with anything. The accident happened near Southwest 250th Street and 160th Avenue at about 8 a.m. Saturday.