Miami-Dade County

Skytrain service at MIA resumes as officials investigate derailment

Service on the Skytrain people mover at Miami International Airport has resumed, but officials are still investigating what caused a car to derail earlier this week.

Airport officials said Saturday that the mover was “deemed safe for operation,” after the track and trains, including the four cars involved in the crash, were tested and inspected.

“We had our engineers come on site and take a look at the train and the tracks running them,” said Suzy Trutie, an airport spokesperson. She said before the airport resumed service Saturday morning, an outside maintenance company and consulting firm took a look at both physical and electrical elements of the train.

“They advised us that the car was safe for operation,” Trutie said.

Only one man, a technician working on board the train at the time, was injured during the crash.

This is the second derailment at Miami International Airport in five years. A car was derailed in 2012 on the MIA Mover, which connects the airport to the Metrorail, because of a wheel that was improperly installed. The Skytrain crash on Dec 22, however, was the first since the service opened at the airport in 2010.

The Concourse D Skytrain carried just under 450,000 passengers from Dec 19 to 22, 2012. Airport officials said new airlines and routes have made this year a record-breaking holiday travel season.