Miami-Dade County

Miami officer injured in police chase after dollar store robbery

A Miami police officer is recovering after colliding with suspects during a high-speed chase through residential streets.

The crash happened Wednesday night near Northwest 12th Avenue and 53rd Street.

The officer was trying to catch people suspected of robbing the Family Dollar Store. Investigators say officers showed up just as the masked gunmen were trying to make their getaway.

The chase ended when the police cruiser collided with the suspect’s vehicle.

Witnesses say they saw someone jump out of the suspect’s car and take off running.

Neighbors were blocked from getting to their homes. After about three hours of searching, police took two people in custody.

Investigators say one of them was taken to the hospital to be treated because he was bitten by the police dog. Officers are still searching for a third person.

Miami police officials say the officer involved in the crash had minor injuries. He went to the hospital to have shards of glass removed from his arm.