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Hundreds of UPS Access Points make deliveries safer, more convenient

UPS Access Points are located in hundreds of commercial locations.
UPS Access Points are located in hundreds of commercial locations. UPS

During the peak of the holiday season, packages are shipped all across the United States. UPS alone will deliver more than 630 million packages, company spokesman Jose Cano said.

For the most part, packages are delivered with no one home and left by the front door. If the driver doesn’t feel the package can be safely left out of sight or the residence is in an area with a lot of traffic, the package would have to be redelivered the following day.

UPS hopes to make the package delivery experience better with the UPS Access Point Network.

The Access Point serves as an alternative pick-up point for packages. If a resident isn’t home when the driver arrives, a notice will be placed on the door stating that the package was delivered to a nearby UPS Access Point.

“It’s win-win for everyone,” UPS Small Segment Marketing Manager Erick Montealegre said.

UPS Access Points are located at local businesses including but not limited to convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Also, UPS My Choice allows you to decide the location of the Access Point your package would be delivered to beforehand.

“It gives you visibility into our system and at least 24 hours notice of when you will receive a package. You can use it to get notified and reroute the package to any access point in the entire country,” Montealegre said.

There are 360 UPS Access Points in Florida, with more than 300 of them in South Florida.

The feedback has been almost universally positive.

According to statistics provided by UPS, 91 percent of customers found it more convenient when compared to receiving the package three days later; 98 percent had a good experience picking up the package; and 60 percent said the new process will allow them to order more items online because they know their packages will be delivered safely.

In addition, the local businesses have been happy with the system because of their partnership with UPS and because it brings more people into their stores.

“We are very happy with the response from the access points. There’s a certain amount of prestige partnering with UPS and it’s a big branding plus for small businesses,” Montealegre said.

“It gives customers a lot more confidence in ordering online and security to know their packages aren’t going to be tampered with or lost. It gives them a better experience with UPS,” he said.