Miami-Dade County

Ads for do-over Miami-Dade budget hearing to be published twice

The government of Miami-Dade County has had an unlucky few months when it comes to newspaper advertising.

First, the county got into trouble with the state of Florida for making a mistake in a Miami Herald advertisement in September — requiring Miami-Dade to schedule a do-over budget hearing for this Thursday.

Now, the Herald will have to run the county’s make-up ad for a second time, because of an error made by the newspaper.

Florida law requires municipalities to pay for two public notifications in a local newspaper spelling out proposed property-tax rates and the budget for the next fiscal year. The county listed a different tax-collections estimate than the one required by the state in one of its Sept. 14 notice.

In its Monday ads, Miami-Dade used the correct number. But the Herald erred in failing to print the two county notices side by side, as the law mandates. The ads ran on pages 4B and 6B Monday due to a layout error, said Michelle Gonzalez, a key advertising accounts manager for the newspaper.

The ads will be published again Tuesday at no extra cost to the county, she said.