Miami-Dade County

While rest of the nation shivers, South Florida to enjoy mild, dry weather

The Weather Channel

With a massive arctic blast sweeping the country, temperatures in much of the continental U.S. are plummeting and thick snowflakes are falling.

In fact, according to, only eight states will slip past the cold front’s icy grip.

South Florida is among the lucky places.

“We’ll get like the very tail end of the front,” said meteorologist Steven Ippoliti of the National Weather Service in Miami-Dade. “Winds may be shifting, temperatures may drop a degree or two.”

But overall, with lows in the mid- to upper-60s for the remainder of the week, Ippoliti said, it’s nothing out of the ordinary: “It’s close to seasonal, maybe a touch below.”

Saturday morning will mark the nadir with a low of 65 in Miami, but Sunday morning will see temperatures jump back to a low of 68. Highs are expected to rise about 80.

With the wind shifting to the east, light morning showers may be possible, Ippoliti said, but the chance of rain is low for the rest of the week at only 10 percent.