Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade Circuit Court launches online access to all civil records

You won’t have to waste time going to the Miami-Dade County Courthouse to get a record anymore.

Starting Tuesday, the Miami-Dade Circuit Court will have all civil court filings available online — free to the public.

“We wanted everyone to have access to it,” Harvey Ruvin, longtime Miami-Dade clerk of courts, told the Miami Herald.

He said both lawyers and the public will be able to spend their valuable time “online” rather than “inline.”

More than a decade ago, Ruvin launched the “paperless” system in the traffic court, followed by the family court, then the probate and mental health courts.

The civil court, where all litigation and foreclosures are filed, is the biggest and last to go completely electronic with access to scanned records.

Ruvin credited his staff with putting more than 17 million documents online in the civil court, with cases dating back to the 1930s.

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