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It’s a baby boom at Zoo Miami. Get your cute animal fix right here

If you like cute animals, Zoo Miami will not disappoint.

In the span of a week, Zoo Miami has added six newborns — all female — to its mix, including two zebras and an addax, also known as a white antelope.

“This amount of significant births in a seven-day period is extraordinary,” said Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill.

On Wednesday, Magill shared nearly two dozen photos of the cute babies. He said the mornings are the best time to see the babies with their mothers in their habitats.

The birthing boom began July 2 when an addax gave birth. The female newborn was the 67th addax born at Zoo Miami as part of its breeding program.

Addax 3.jpg
Pictured is an Addax born at Zoo Miami during the first week of July 2019. Ron Magill/Zoo Miami

Then on July 5, a Grevy’s zebra — one of the largest species of zebras — had a female baby. Two days later, an Arabian Oryx gave birth. Another female.

But it was July 8 that really kept staff busy. Another Grevy’s zebra gave birth, as did two Giant elands, also in the antelope family. All three newborns were female.

Magill said the baby boom is not over yet. Another Giant eland is pregnant, as is a giraffe.