Miami-Dade County

Toddler seriously injured driving her father’s motorcycle


A three-year-old girl was seriously injured Wednesday night when she rode her father’s motorcycle into a fence near the family home near Golden Glades, authorities told the Miami Herald. A surveillence video published by NBC 6 appears to show the toddler as she is thrown from the vehicle prior to the crash. Her 35-year-old father, who chased after the toddler and the bike, was also injured.

The crash, first reported by WPLG Local 10, happened around 5:30 p.m. at the Westar Mart gas station at 163rd St. and N.E. Sixth Avenue in North East Miami-Dade, according to Detective Lee Cowart, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The surveillence video appears to show a red three-wheeled motorcycle speeding across NE Sixth Avenue, jerking wildly from side to side. A small child is thrown from the vehicle onto the street next to the gas station before the bike speeds away driverless. A man who was also shaken off the bike rushes to pick up the toddler.

According to an initial police inquiry, the man had driven the bike to pick up groceries just prior to the accident. When he arrived home, a few houses down from the Westar Mart, the 35-year-old parked the bike and went inside for dinner. Within minutes, he was alerted to a problem with his bike.

The man ran back outside to find the three-year-old driving the motorcycle down the street. He ran after her, attempting to gain control of the vehicle but never managed to get on, according to Detective Lee Cowart, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Police Department. Instead, he was dragged by the vehicle across NE Sixth Avenue— his daughter still in the drivers seat— until they crashed into the Westar Mart fence.

The toddler was airlifted by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue to Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood. Her father was taken to Jackson North. Police provided no information on the specifics of their injuries, though NBC 6 reported the girl was being treated for traumatic brain injury and is expected to recover. According to NBC 6, the father’s injuries were minor.

Neither had been released from the hospital late Wednesday night, according to Cowart. The victims’ names remain undisclosed.

Police have an ongoing investigation into how the toddler managed to turn on the bike and why she was outside unsupervised with access to the motorcycle.

This article has been updated with new information. This is a breaking news story and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.