Miami-Dade County

After Florida lawmakers mandated toll reductions, MDX is ending rebate program

If you’re counting on that refund check from the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority to boost your holiday budget this year, don’t. It’s not coming.

The agency, best known as MDX, is saying a state-mandated 5 percent drop in tolls has reduced revenues by more than $15 million this year. The MDX board lowered rates earlier this year, which meant a maximum 4 cents per toll in savings for SunPass users and 8 cents for toll-by-plate.

As a result, the authority says it can’t afford the Frequent Driver’s Rewards Program, which gives rebates to drivers who spend more than $100 per year in tolls. The rebate checks would have been mailed out just before the December holidays.

An email announcement that will be sent to program participants states that MDX will keep people’s information so drivers don’t have to re-register in the event there’s a surplus in 2019 that the board chooses to refund.

“MDX will continue to send periodic newsletters to all customers registered in our database informing them of MDX’s current and future projects, improvements and an exciting new service for daily commuters coming in 2019,” reads the statement.

In December 2017, MDX paid out $5.6 million in rebates to 80,000 toll payers, working out to an average savings of $70 per driver.

The authority collects tolls on five Miami-Dade highways, including State Road 836, called the Dolphin Expressway, and State Road 112, called the Airport Expressway.

Miami Herald staff writer Douglas Hanks contributed to this report.