Miami-Dade County

Letter: Miami Springs mayor was out of line

It was disgusting to watch the recording at the end of the Miami Springs City Council meeting of Sept. 8. Mayor Zavier Garcia went on a tirade lasting over 10 minutes about citizens exercising their right to dissent on the pool plans. By my rough count, Garcia used a form of the word “lie” six times to malign, in particular, one of the speakers.

From what I could determine, not one official, elected or otherwise, had the guts to call him out on it. Instead, they sat meekly by while the mayor repeatedly slandered a private citizen who was not able to defend himself.

Agree or disagree on the issues, for our top elected official to slander and besmirch the character of a private citizen by calling him a liar is appalling and unacceptable.

Mayor Garcia should tender his resignation immediately and all of those officials who sat there and shamefully did nothing to stop him should strongly consider doing the same.

Jim Llewellyn, Miami Springs

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