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Neighbors thought bombs went off. Then someone saw gas can near the cars

Four cars went up in flames in a South Miami-Dade neighborhood on Aug. 16, 2018.
Four cars went up in flames in a South Miami-Dade neighborhood on Aug. 16, 2018. CBS4 Miami

Neighbors thought bombs had gone off because the pops were that loud. Then they saw flames engulfing cars parked in front of a house in a residential South Miami-Dade community.

Then they heard screaming and crying as people frantically called for firefighters to arrive.

This was the scene early Thursday morning after 4 a.m. at a home at Southwest 229th Terrace and 113th Place in South Miami-Dade.

According to Miami Herald news partner CBS4, four cars were engulfed by the time fire crews from Miami-Dade arrived.

Two of the cars were parked side by side in the driveway of the home, while two others were in front of the house.

The people who live in that home called for help “multiple times” but neighbors say it took awhile to arrive.

“She called them twice and they were on the phone with them screaming and crying and no one showed up for a while, like 30 minutes waiting for the fire department and cops,” neighbor Ashley Reid told CBS4.

Arson is suspected as Miami-Dade fire crews continue to investigate. No one was hurt.

A man told WLPG Local 10 News that the home belongs to his grandmother and that a gas can was found next to one of the cars. A family member also told CBS4 about the gas near the cars.

Another neighbor commented on the hectic scene. “I looked out my bathroom window and I saw the fire in the backyard and I called 911 and I heard the lady and her children screaming in the back running out, and then I heard another explosion,” Paula Atkinson told WPLG.

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