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Here are the strangest things Floridians forget in vehicles on their Uber rides

An Uber car at LaGuardia Airport in New York.
An Uber car at LaGuardia Airport in New York. AP

Thousands of items are left behind in Uber cars every day. So much so, the ride share company has created an Uber Lost & Found index that gives a snapshot of how forgetful riders vary city by city.

And in terms of a Top 10, riders in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale community are in lockstep with riders in Orlando and Tampa.

We all leave our phones behind in the cars — and that must make it difficult to rank our drivers after drop-off.

After phones, which ranked No. 1 in Florida’s major cities, forgetful riders all found ways to leave their wallets, keys, glasses, backpacks and vape pens behind.

But when you go beyond the Top 10, that’s where certain city characteristics creep into the index. Miami folks seem fickle when it comes to sports. Apparently, we find it easy to leave some sports-related items behind.

In Miami, for instance, a driver once found a Justin Bour Miami Marlins jersey in a car.

Justin bour
Miami Marlins’ Justin Bour. MATIAS J. OCNER

Also: sunscreen, a portable SunPass, a Panther Coffee cup, a bottle of LaGrande Dame champagne, Home Depot supplies, a skateboard, a wireless printer, an American Express Black Card, Bose speakers, a heart rate monitor, birth certificate, black flat sandals and student IDs from Miami Dade College, Florida International University and the University of Miami.

A SunPass. Really? Would that not suggest that you, and your driver, both paid for tolls if your route went through toll plazas? Or maybe you just confused the SunPass system and got a free ride.

Tampa riders similarly let go of sports memorabilia as drivers found Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets, National Hockey League All-Star Game souvenirs and a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey in their cars. Some people also had a lousy fishing trip as drivers found a fishing rod and a six pack of beer in their cars. And to the person who left behind the wedding band, did you need the Bible to pray for your spouse’s forgiveness? Because both items were spotted.

Also: a GoPro, mammogram results, baby pictures (people still carry prints?) and a cast-iron skillet.

No surprise, but Orlando riders had Disney on their minds, but the Disney love didn’t last through the whole ride because drivers found Minnie Mouse ears and a Disney employee card in the cars.

Also: golf clubs, a caveman wig, a Social Security card and passport, skateboard, groceries, a PlayStation 3 and wedding band (maybe belonging to the spouse from the forgetful Tampa rider).

A woman smokes from a vaping device. Timothy Fadek Bloomberg

The good news in all of this? Uber says it’s easy to retrieve forgotten items.

▪ Tap “Your Trips” on your smartphone’s Uber app (that is, if you haven’t left behind the No. 1 item in the car) and select the trip where you left something behind.

▪ Tap “I Lost an Item.”

▪ Tap “Contact Driver about a Lost Item.”

▪ Scroll down and enter a contact phone number.

▪ If you lost your phone, you can enter a friend’s phone number instead by logging onto your Uber account on a computer or using a friend’s phone.

▪ When the driver calls you back, or answers, coordinate a meeting time and place to get your stuff back.

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Miami’s Top 10 Uber Lost & Found Index

Uber includes Fort Lauderdale in its Miami list. Here are the 10 most forgotten items in drivers’ cars.

1. Phone

2. Wallet

3. Keys

4. Glasses

5. Clothing

6. Bag/purse

7. Money

8. Vape device

9. Backpack

10. Headphones