Miami-Dade County

Florida Bar suspends Miami lawyer’s license

Attorney Stephen Cody, a children’s book author and redistricting consultant, settled a case with the Florida Bar in June by agreeing to a one-year suspension of his law license.

Cody, who made recent news when he joined forces with former Miami-Dade Commissioner Natacha Seijas to write a children’s story against bullying, has agreed to pay $13,000 in restitution and cover any expenses incurred while the Bar investigated him.

The Bar argued Cody committed two legal sins: He bounced a check in one case, and in another instance failed to keep a client informed about a case.

In the first instance, Cody said he wrote a $1,100 check to a doctor that bounced. Cops later showed up at his door to arrest him. Cody said he accidentally grabbed the wrong checkbook, and he wasn’t notified by the doctor or the bank the check was no good. He paid off the debt.

In the second instance, a judge ruled that a Miami Beach client of Cody’s was on the hook for about $12,000.

The client failed to pay, and Cody was ordered to pay the money himself for failing to keep his client informed about the case.

Cody was paid $50,000 by the city of Miami in May for consulting on the city’s new redistricting plan. In August he teamed up with Seijas on a 32-page picture book available online titled My Secret Superpower. In the book, six kids team up to take on the school’s biggest bully, Luna McTuna.

Cody said he plans on spending the next year writing more children’s books.