Miami-Dade County

Feeling rich? A financial site says the 305 has it made says nobody has it like the 305 has it (although the 561 is close...) says nobody has it like the 305 has it (although the 561 is close...)

Nobody’s got it like the 305. A financial resources site called ranked the area code associated with Miami and the Keys as the richest in the United States.

With a mean household income of $485,464, as measured in these rankings, 305 ranked No. 1 ahead of such places as Long Island, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Palm Beach County. says it came up with these numbers by using the 2015 Census Community Survey, averaging the incomes of the three-highest earning cities and three lowest-earning cities in each area code.

That’s how 305 comes up with a number well beyond most household incomes in the 305.

“Extending from Miami to Key West and beyond, citizens raking in the mean family income for this code come close to making a half-million dollars each year,” the site declares. “Indian Creek, northeast of Miami, has the lowest poverty level in the area code at 3.3 percent. The median property value in the town reflects a 100 percent growth rate in recent years, bringing it to $2 million. The community centers around a country club by the same name on Indian Creek Island, where 60 residents have grand estates along the shoreline.”

Palm Beach County’s area code, 561, (not to be confused with 516, Long Island, which ranked No. 2) came in fifth.

“The county’s poverty rate of 13.5 percent reflects the national average, but you’ll find lower poverty rates in some of its high-end neighborhoods,” GoBankingRates says. “Manalapan, located along the Intracoastal Waterway, has a 1.5 percent poverty rate among its 265 residents.”

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The Top Five

305 — Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

516 Long Island

650 — San Francisco Bay Area

301 — Maryland and Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

561 — Palm Beach County