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Is there a deeper meaning to the solar eclipse? Astrologer Walter Mercado offers his interpretation

Walter Mercado in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2015.
Walter Mercado in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2015. Herald Archive

Since February 1979 a celestial phenomenon of such magnitude had not been witnessed.

Monday’s total eclipse of the sun will be seen in all its magnificence beginning in Oregon (around Salem) and across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and ending in South Carolina. This eclipse crosses the United States; that’s why they call it the “American Eclipse.”

It is striking that the eclipse will impact its own celestial kingdom or the sign of Leo. It will start at 10:16 a.m. PDT and it will take about an hour and a half to cross its entire U.S. path. The duration of the eclipse will be two minutes and 40 seconds, in which the little birds will not sing nor the flowers open. It will feel like night in the places indicated. Elsewhere in the world, this astonishing astral phenomenon will not be visible except on the coasts of Africa where the total eclipse of the sun will bid its farewell.

Get ready for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse! Parts of the U.S. will witness a total eclipse. Find out what you'll see based on your location.

In many cultures, a total eclipse of the Sun predicts cataclysms and bad events.

In Vietnam, it was believed that a giant toad devoured the sun. In India, the god Rahu caused eclipses and foreshadowed transcendental changes for all mankind. The total eclipses of the sun are very special and have been associated with wars, famines, floods, unprecedented climate changes and the death or birth of dictators, rulers, presidents and kings, especially near the area where the total eclipse occurs.

For me, this eclipse — both feared and anticipated — predicts a total change in the universal and local consciousness.

Everything happens within God’s perfect plan. The eclipse will make us look within to see everything from the past that is harmful and detrimental and we will ask ourselves what we can do to unify our minds and hearts for the betterment of the world and the country in which we live.

The eclipse falls on the sign of Leo, the king sign of the zodiac, affecting the regency of the United States since the eclipse will impact this country. For me, this eclipse is a divine call to use the heart more than the mind. Let’s leave behind the limited ego and open ourselves to the power of spirituality, which is necessary for the difficult times that we are living in and that are coming.

On August 21, the moon will paint a swath of North America in darkness. The Great American Eclipse.

Pay special attention to the children who will be the future of the world and the elders who are and will be our wise teachers. Eliminate laws and dogmas that hinder the progress of the world and develop the heart in the form of compassion. As the heavens are, so shall it be on earth. As the heat increases and the atmospheric problems increase, so shall rise the level of fanaticism and the divisions that destroy the universal harmony. This eclipse is a wake-up call to realities that many have refused to accept.

This eclipse will adversely affect the already battered image of the current American president. Relations with Russia and North Korea will intensify. Climate phenomena will affect many countries in the world. The chaotic situation in my beloved Venezuela will begin to see light shine through the total darkness in which it has lived.

Let us receive the total eclipse of the sun of Aug. 21, 2017, as a divine gift to grow as human beings and to evolve spiritually.

Popular hispanic astrologist, Walter Mercado is selling his home and belongings. Those include hand-painted capes, an early 1900’s bed, portraits, and more.