Miami-Dade County

Feeling itchy? There’s an app for that

Report mosquito nuisances using Miami-Dade County’s 311 app.
Report mosquito nuisances using Miami-Dade County’s 311 app. Miami

Tired of swatting at mosquitoes?

If you don’t feel like calling 311 or using an online portal, you can also report mosquito nuisances using Miami-Dade County’s 311 app.

Residents can use the mobile app, available for iPhone and Android phones, to report a variety of neighborhood problems, like sound nuisances and code violations. But the mosquito reporting feature allows people to contact the county and request inspections.

Although the mobile app has been around since 2010, county spokeswoman Inson Kim said a majority of reports come from the web portal.

“We just want to let folks know that there’s different ways of reporting mosquitoes or requesting an inspection,” she said.

Kim added that reports from residents spiked during the Zika outbreak, as more people became aware of mosquitoes and the ways they could get in touch with county.

Miami-Dade County has been working to fight mosquito nuisances through a series of tech-savvy ways, Kim said. The “Drain and Cover” campaign warns residents of the dangers of standing water, and the county frequently tweets reminders and video PSAs urging people to wear protective and mosquito repellent clothing.

Kim said along with the county’s Solid Waste Management division, she recommends people to inspect their yards and do their best to drain standing water, however little the amount.