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Incorrect Obamacare tax form won’t mean refiling

This tax filing season, some consumers were confused by a new set of forms used to report their health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act for the first time.

Adding to the confusion was an announcement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in February that the primary form, the 1095-A, was sent out to 820,000 consumers nationwide with incorrect information. The U.S. Department of Treasury estimates that 50,000 tax filers across the country then submitted their taxes with the incorrect forms.

On Friday, CMS announced that the U.S. Treasury will not require those who filed with the incorrect forms to amend their taxes.

“The IRS will not pursue the collection of additional taxes from these individuals,” said Mark Mazur, assistant secretary for tax policy at the Treasury Department.

However, he added, some tax filers may choose to file amended taxes if it is in their best interest.

The erroneous forms listed the incorrect benchmark plan in the tax filers’ area, meaning consumers calculated their financial assistance eligibility using the wrong amount. The 2015 benchmark plan was listed on the incorrect forms instead of the 2014 benchmark plan.

About 741,000 corrected forms have already been sent out, said Kevin Counihan, CEO of the ACA marketplace. The remaining 80,000 will reach the remaining consumers by next week.

Counihan said this kind of administrative issue is common in the roll out of a new program, but that getting correct information out to consumers is a key priority.

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