Miami-Dade County

It took two years and three votes, but ‘José Milton Way’ is coming to Fontainebleau

Jose Milton
Jose Milton

Miami-Dade commissioners reversed their original reversal on Wednesday and voted to name a street after the late developer José Milton, a tribute that got scuttled two years ago over concerns about housing-discrimination allegations against his family’s company.

The prominent Cuban American hailed for his philanthropic contributions died in 2013 at age 83. In 2015, a narrow majority of the commission brushed aside federal complaints of discrimination against African Americans in Milton buildings during the 1980s and ’90s and voted to rename the 9500 block of Fontainebleau Boulevard as “José Milton Way.”

But when a new suit against Milton companies was filed two weeks after the 2015 vote, the commission executed a rare reversal and withdrew the renaming action for the county road in the Fontainebleau neighborhood in western Miami-Dade.

Now the legal landscape has changed again, with the plaintiff dropping the 2015 case. In September, the commission agreed to name a new county hospital tower after Milton, following his family foundation’s $10 million gift. And on Wednesday, commissioners approved the original plan to create “José Milton Way” on Fontainebleau Boulevard.

The item sponsored by Commissioner Javier Souto sparked no discussion, and passed unanimously. His resolution credited Milton with “a key role in the transformation of the Sunny Isles Beach skyline” and for being a “tireless champion of helping to fund public parks throughout Miami-Dade County.”