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Transgender TV news reporter Zoey Tur, formerly Chopper Bob, joins ‘Inside Edition’

‘Inside Edition’ special correspondent Zoey Tur, formerly known as Chopper Bob.
‘Inside Edition’ special correspondent Zoey Tur, formerly known as Chopper Bob. Inside Edition

Transgender television news reporter Zoey Tur will be featured as a special correspondent on Inside Edition the month of February, according to a news release on Monday.

Tur was formerly known as Chopper Bob, a helicopter pilot who reported on the O.J. Simpson police chase and the Los Angeles riots.

Inside Edition is broadcast 7 p.m. and midnight Mondays through Fridays on WSVN Channel 7.

Here is the complete Inside Edition news release:

Zoey Tur has joined INSIDE EDITION as a Special Correspondent during the month of February, making her America’s first transgender television reporter. Tur, formerly known as Chopper Bob, is the renowned helicopter pilot who covered the infamous O.J. Simpson police pursuit and captured the Los Angeles riots from the air. Now, she has completed gender reassignment surgery.

“We are thrilled to have Zoey join INSIDE EDITION as Special Correspondent and make some TV history,” says INSIDE EDITION executive producer Charles Lachman.

Tur will take INSIDE EDITION through her transformation on Tuesday, February 3rd. Some have questioned whether she has retained her pilot skills after her gender surgery. On Wednesday, February 4th, she takes to the air for the first time to test that assertion.

“There’s diversity in nature, so why not the media? I want to thank INSIDE EDITION for their support in what’s shaping up to be America’s last civil rights fight,” says Tur.

For INSIDE EDITION’s full report, tune in on Tuesday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 4th.