Florida Keys

Kayaker chasing shark needs a rescue

Catching a tiger shark with a fishing pole while angling on the Old Seven Mile Bridge isn't the brightest of ideas and neither is using a kayak to retrieve it.

But that's what two Miami men attempted to do 8 a.m. Monday. Jonathan Wosar capsized before he could make it to the shark.

Ellie Cote, resort manager at Captain Pip's Marina and Hideaway, said she sent her employees Rick Moran and Todd Broscius to retrieve Wosar after hearing the mayday call.

"He was fine, my guys pulled in his kayak. They said it was a pretty big shark under the bridge," Cote said.

Cote said Wosar and his friend Kevin Pagar hooked the shark the night before and decided to go back for it in the morning. That's when Wosar went out with the kayak.

Cote isn't sure what happened to the shark. She said the two Miami men were gone before the U.S. Coast Guard arrived to interview them.

The state Department of Transportation prohibits fishing off the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Doing so can result in a $50 fine. Capt. Dave Dipre of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said he hasn't caught anyone fishing on the bridge in a long time.