Florida Keys

He called a government agency and threatened to ‘blow their heads off,’ police said.

A former city of Key West employee was arrested Thursday after police said he threatened to kill government workers in New York, saying he would “blow their heads off.”

Keyon Durell Armstead, 31, of Key West, has worked as a maintenance worker at the Truman Waterfront Park since Nov. 28, 2018. He was arrested on a felony charge of intimidation — sending threats to kill or injure.

He was fired Friday, the city’s human resources director said. Armstead earned $32,448 a year.

Police said Armstead made the calls to the Child Protective Services of New York. Armstead lives in a 1993 Chevrolet G20 van near the children’s splash pad at the park. He is a janitor at the splash pad.

The agency recorded multiple calls received on Oct. 10. They included Armstead saying when he got to New York he would “shoot them all,” Alyson Cream, spokeswoman for the city, said. He also said they would “die in hell,” the arrest report states.

Armstead was also recorded saying the agency’s employees were his enemy and that they were “messing with the wrong guy,” Crean said.

Key West police detectives found Armstead and asked to search his van at 1 Quay Road. He agreed to the search but police found no guns or ammunition inside.

Armstead told police he had received a letter from the New York agency that was “something about child abuse,” but he also said he didn’t mean what he said in the calls.

“I told them a bunch of nonsense,” he said, the report states.

Armstead said when he called the agency, he couldn’t get answers to his questions.

Armstead was jailed at the Stock Island Detention Center. He remained there Friday afternoon without bond.

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