Florida Keys

‘They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!’ Man takes out his frustration on window, cops say

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Key Largo man really wanted his Cinnabon.

When he learned that the Wendy’s restaurant on Duval Street no longer sells the sweet rolls, the 19-year-old took matters into his own hands in protest.

Dustin Riley Tyrrell grabbed a grapefruit-sized rock and smashed one of the windows at the Key West restaurant, according to the arrest report.

“They don’t sell Cinnabons anymore!” Tyrrell yelled, when a passerby asked him why he broke the window, police wrote.

Tyrrell, listed as a carpenter, was arrested on a felony charge of weapons offense and a felony charge of criminal damage. Replacing the window will cost $2,500, the Wendy’s owner told police.

The rock was taken into evidence while Tyrrell was jailed at the Stock Island Detention Center. On Monday, he remained in jail on $15,000 bond.