Florida Keys

A Miami woman is Baker Acted. But it’s what they found on her that led to her problems.

Dai Trang Ho
Dai Trang Ho

A Miami woman who was committed to a mental health facility in the Florida Keys Tuesday now faces drug trafficking charges after medical staff found more than 100 grams of cocaine in her purse.

Dai Trang Ho, 38, also had almost 140 grams of marijuana, .2 grams of LSD, 12 grams of amphetamine and almost 6 grams of psychedelic mushrooms, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Ho is being held on a $60,000 bond in county jail in Key West.

She was involuntarily committed to the Guidance Care Center in Marathon on Tuesday. Staff there found the drugs in her purse and called the sheriff’s office.

She told a narcotics detective that she did not intend to sell the drugs, and that she was given them by “various people along her travels,” according to the report.

“Ho stated numerous times she never had any intentions of selling the drugs, only to ‘collect them,” wrote the detective, whose name was redacted from the report because he works undercover. “I advised Ho it was still a crime to possess the drugs and she stated she did not know that.”