Florida Keys

Florida man steals car, says he was merely borrowing it ‘from a crack head’

Irvin James Lefere
Irvin James Lefere

If someone borrows a car from a crack cocaine user, that vehicle is referred to as a “rock car,” Florida Keys police say a man they pulled over in a stolen pickup truck told them.

Irvin James Lefere, 33, from Orlando, was pulled over by a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy Monday afternoon at mile marker 102 in Key Largo. The deputy had received a radio call that the Dodge Ram Lefere was driving was stolen, as was the license plate on the truck, said Adam Linhardt, the sheriff’s office spokesman.

The truck was stolen from Lake County in Central Florida, and the stolen tag was from East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“A quick search of the truck and the tag confirmed both were stolen,” Linhardt said.

Lefere, who police say did not have a driver’s license, is in county jail in Key West on grand theft auto, driving without a license and petit theft charges on a bond of $32,500.

Lefere told Deputy Jose Hernandez that he borrowed the truck “from a crack head,” according to Linhardt, and said it was a “rock car.”

“A rock car,” Lefere explained, “was a vehicle one borrows from a crack cocaine user,” Linhardt said.