Florida Keys

Inmate is accused of threatening the cop who busted him. The conversation was recorded.

Thomas Lancaster
Thomas Lancaster

A Florida Keys man locked up on a home invasion charge is in deeper trouble after he was recorded making threats to the detective who arrested him during a telephone call from jail to a friend, police say.

Thomas Andrew Lancaster, 22, of Marathon was arrested last week in connection with a January robbery inside a camper on Aviation Boulevard. He and an accomplice, who deputies have not arrested or named, stole $90 cash, and one of them kicked a woman in the stomach, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Lancaster was armed with a knife, which the victim, Christopher Williams, 42, was able to wrestle away from him by grabbing the blade, cutting himself in the process, according to the sheriff’s office arrest report. Lancaster and the other man ran away. Williams identified Lancaster in a photo lineup, and detectives arrested him May 10.

Lancaster phoned a friend from jail and vowed to his friend that he would get revenge on Detective Leon Bourcier for arresting him.

“If I ever see that [expletive] a-- cracker, I’m a bust his [expletive] loose too,” Lancaster told the woman, according to a sheriff’s office offense report. “If I ever catch that [expletive] a-- cracker without his badge on. I’m gonna bust his [expletive] loose.”

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Lancaster didn’t seem bothered by the idea that his conversation was being recorded. It was. All telephone calls inmates make from jail are recorded, and the recording system warns them before calls are made, according to the report.

“I don’t give a [expletive] if they are listening. He better know too,” Lancaster said, according to the report. “Take my life away for some [expletive] I didn’t even do. [Expletive] a-- cracker.”

On Tuesday, deputies arrested Lancaster, who was already in jail, on a charge of making threats against a law enforcement officer. He was already being held in jail on Stock Island on a bond of $1,185,000 on armed home invasion, kidnapping and battery charges.