Florida Keys

Key West wanted to spend $5 million on a building, and the voters agreed

Key West voters have approved the purchase of a $5 million building to house the community services department

Just 14% of registered voters went to the polls for Tuesday’s special election

The “yes” vote was 69 percent, or 1,459 votes, with all 10 precincts reporting, according to the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections. The votes against the plan totaled 649.

The building at 3420 Northside Dr. is home to The Citizen, the city’s six-day-a-week newspaper, which is relocating.

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Key West will hold a special election with this question on the ballot on April 16, 2019. Monroe County Supervisor of Elections

City officials say it will save Key West some $29 million, the projected cost of new construction.

Tuesday was a special election with only this one item on the ballot. Key West has more than 15,000 registered voters.

An activist shows her support for a ban on the sale of certain sunscreens at Key West City Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019.