Florida Keys

He stabbed the groom at a Key West wedding. But there won’t be an assault charge.

Jovanny Arredondo
Jovanny Arredondo Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A groomsman who ruined a Key West wedding reception last month by stabbing the groom in the thigh while showing off his weaponry skills was arrested Tuesday for criminal mischief.

Detectives said they weren’t going after Jovanny Arredondo, 29, of Scottsdale, Arizona, for assault because nothing showed the stabbing was intentional.

But they are pursuing a case against Arredondo, arresting him on a charge of felony criminal mischief — for damaging at least $1,000 worth of property at the restaurant where the reception was held, and misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and improper display of a weapon.

“This case does not meet the criteria of aggravated battery because there was no intent by the suspect, Arredondo, to intentionally harm the victim, Camargo,” Detective Darnell Sealey wrote in a report.

Arredondo was booked into the Stock Island Detention Center on an $8,000 bond.

Police said Arredondo was showing off with a knife during the Dec. 15, 2018, party when he made stabbing motions at Nicolas Camargo, 29, of Crestview, Florida, striking him in the upper left thigh. Camargo, the groom, did not want to pursue criminal charges.

The incident turned even more dramatic when Arredondo fell from a second-floor balcony at First Flight Restaurant and Brewery, 301 Whitehead St., and fled the scene. He was finally caught by police in the 900 block of Duval Street and airlifted to Miami’s Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital with a possible head injury.

Police said they found a blood trail upstairs from the balcony to a bathroom, where inside they also found a small plastic bag containing cocaine residue.

A witness said he saw Arredondo hanging from a banister, which broke, making him fall.