Florida Keys

A clerk hid his cellphone in the ladies’ restroom. He’s been arrested for voyeurism.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez MCSO

A Tavernier convenience store clerk was arrested on a felony video voyeurism charge this week after Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies say he filmed women using the bathroom by hiding his cellphone inside the ladies’ restroom toilet paper dispenser.

His Peeping Tom scheme ended early Sunday morning after a teen using the mile marker 92 Circle K restroom pulled some toilet paper out of the dispenser and the phone fell to the floor, according to a sheriff’s office arrest report. The phone was recording.

Alex Rodriguez, 33, is in county jail in Plantation Key jail with no bond information immediately available.

The girl initially thought the phone must have been left by another person who used the restroom. She brought it to Rodriguez and told him it fell out of the dispenser. He replied, “that was weird,” and took the phone, according to Detective Edward Askins’ report.

The girl told police Rodriguez acted strangely. She told her friends waiting in a car in the parking lot about what happened. Two of her male friends went inside and told Rodriguez they left a phone in the store and asked Rodriguez for it. He would not give them the phone.

The girl went home and told her parents, who called the police.

Deputies went to the Circle K to ask Rodriguez about the phone. He initially told them the phone was his, but then changed his story, saying a woman came in and picked up the phone the teen found in the restroom, according to the report.

Deputies asked him for the store’s security camera footage so they could see the woman who claimed the phone. He told them he could not access the video. The deputies confiscated the phone and left.

A deputy returned to the store Tuesday and viewed the security cam footage from Sunday. On it, Askins stated in his report, Rodriguez is shown entering the ladies’ restroom with his phone in hand and exiting without it. The footage shows four instances of Rodriguez retrieving his phone and watching something on it after women used the restroom and left the store, according to the arrest affidavit.

Deputies arrested Rodriguez on a warrant Tuesday. During the interview at the Plantation Key station, Rodriguez told detectives he had been “recording for several weeks” in hopes a woman would take off her clothes, according to the arrest affidavit.