Florida Keys

Man accused of driving from Philly to Key West, then kidnapping ex-fiancee

A Philadelphia man drove from that city to Key West to find his former fiancee, then took her car with her inside and told her they were going to Miami against her will, according to Key West police.

Ozod Alisherovich Mansurov, 20, who's been in the Stock Island jail since May 13 for driving with a suspended license, on Wednesday was charged with felony kidnapping and misdemeanor battery.

His former fiancee, Luiza Ramazanova, told Key West police officer Monica Young she wanted a restraining order against Mansurov because she feared he would harm her once released from jail on the license charge. She then told Young the complete story that led to the latest charges.

Young wrote in her arrest report that Ramazanova told her she and Mansurov lived together in Philadelphia but she had moved out to live with her uncle in Key West 10 days earlier because of past violence on Mansurov's part. Her sister, Alina, accompanied her.

Apparently enraged, Mansurov "ripped the mailbox off the wall of their home in Philadelphia to find out her location here in Key West," Young wrote. He made the trip south and showed up at her uncle's house. Police were called and he was issued a trespass warning.

Mansurov then found Ramazanova at the Winn-Dixie in Overseas Market, where her cousin works. The two went outside to talk; Ramazanova was sitting in the passenger seat of her BPW and Mansurov was leaning against the car. He then walked around the car and got in the driver's seat, saying he "just wanted to sit down and smoke."

But he started the car, Young wrote, and Ramazanova tried to get out of the car. He grabbed her, Young wrote, by the back of the hair and pulled her into the back seat, telling her he "wanted to leave the Keys and take her to Miami."

Her family called police when they noticed her missing and the car gone from Overseas Market. Officers pulled the car over at Smathers Beach. That's when Mansurov was arrested on the suspended license charge.

Back at the police station Wednesday, "it was very obvious" Ramazanova and her family "were in fear of Mansurov," Young wrote. Mansurov was charged.

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