Florida Keys

It went from loud music to armed standoff. It didn’t end well for three people.

Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez - MCSO

A Tavernier man barricaded himself inside his home and threatened to shoot Monroe sheriff’s deputies who came to his home in response to a complaint about loud music, police say.

Robert Sanchez, 43, is being held without bond in Plantation Key jail on felony resisting arrest, misdemeanor making threats against law enforcement and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Deputies went to his home on Dubonnet Road around 7:50 p.m. Tuesday to respond to the noise complaint. After no one answered the front door, two deputies walked around the house and saw the back door wide open. Two men and a woman were standing inside.

One of the men was Sanchez. Deputies asked for his identification, and he told them to “[expletive] off,” Deputy Jose Hernandez wrote in his report. After asking again, Sanchez yelled at them and began making hand gestures toward the deputies, according to Hernandez’s report.

The other man, Jarred Jennings, 21, and Sanchez stood in the doorway and began acting aggressively, Hernandez wrote, prompting the deputies to draw their Taser stun guns. The deputies grabbed both men. Hernandez was able to cuff Jennings, but Sanchez broke free of the other deputy and ran to the house’s second floor, Hernandez wrote.

Jared Jennings MCSO

Deputy Cody Jackson went after him, but a woman, Theresa Hammontree, blocked the doorway by spreading her arms and legs. Then, she ran upstairs and joined Sanchez, according to the arrest affidavit.

Deputies heard Sanchez say, “If any cops walk up these stairs, I will shoot them in the chest,” Hernandez wrote in his report.

Hernandez and Cody left the house and set up a perimeter around the property “due to not knowing the status of any firearms inside the residence,” Hernandez wrote.

Theresa Hammontree MCSO

Sheriff’s office spokesman Adam Linhardt said Sanchez paced the house’s balconies for the next two hours while speaking with deputies in the front yard and a 911 communications specialist on the phone. He repeatedly threatened to shoot deputies while simultaneously saying he did nothing wrong, Linhardt said.

While standing at the top of the stairs of one of the balconies, a deputy was able to shoot him with a Taser dart and subdue him, Linhardt said.

It was at that time, police realized he was carrying a .380 caliber pistol in his waistband on the small of his back.

Jennings and Hammontree were also arrested on misdemeanor obstruction charges. As of Wednesday morning, they were in the Plantation Key jail. Their bond information was not immediately available.

Sanchez was arrested on July 29 on simple assault on a law enforcement officer, misdemeanor marijuana possession and obstruction charges. That case is still pending, according to court documents.