Florida Keys

They raided his home in the Florida Keys. What they found in his safe put him in jail.

Timothy Globus
Timothy Globus

A Tavernier man faces cocaine trafficking and other drug charges after Monroe County Sheriff’s Office narcotics officers raided his home Wednesday evening.

Timothy Globus, 25, was booked into Plantation Key jail on charges of cocaine trafficking, cocaine possession, felony marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He’s being held on a $106,000 bond.

Deputies served a warrant at his Ocean Drive home around 5:30 p.m., breaching the front door after conducting a “knock and announce,” according to the arrest report.

Inside a safe in Globus’ bedroom, they found more than 40 grams of cocaine, 2.5 grams of marijuana, $9,100 in cash and a Triton T3 scale commonly used for measuring drugs, according to Deputy Iscandel Perez’s arrest report.

Globus was in the bathroom when deputies broke open the front door to his home. He and another man, who was not arrested, were cuffed and taken outside while deputies searched inside the home.

When deputies found Globus in the bathroom, he had a Miami Dolphins bag that contained another 1.7 grams of cocaine, according to the report.

In the bathroom, deputies found a bottle of lidocaine, which is a common cutting agent for cocaine, a Viagra pill and an Oxycodone pill found in a cigarette pack, a wooden spoon with cocaine residue on it, $732 in cash, a Double Tap Defense .45 caliber Derringer-type pistol, and two boxes of .40 caliber Winchester ammunition.