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Keys man threatens a Vodou curse on the cops arresting him. ‘You are all going to die’

Saul Arrazcaeta
Saul Arrazcaeta MCSO

Deputies serving a warrant on a misdemeanor theft charge had their hands full earlier this week when the man they came to arrest became violent, threatening to kill them with gunfire and a fatal curse, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies went to 19-year-old Saul Arrazcaeta’s Garden Street home in Tavernier shortly before 11 p.m. Monday night to serve the warrant. He told them to leave, according to an arrest affidavit. After refusing to come out, Deputy Ignacio Molina placed the court documents on the door step of Arrazcaeta’s mobile home and walked toward his car while two other deputies walked toward the home.

Arrazcaeta’s mother pulled into the driveway in her SUV, Molina told her to stay in her vehicle, he wrote in his report. As he was speaking with the mother, Molina heard his colleagues struggle with Arrazcaeta. One of them shocked him with his Taser stun gun, according to Molina’s report.

Arrazcaeta ran into one of the rooms in the trailer, and Molina ran in after him, noting in his report that in a previous instance where deputies fought with him, Arrazcaeta had an assault rifle in the house.

The deputies and Arrazcaeta continued to struggle as police led him, cuffed, to a patrol car.

At one point, he dropped to the ground, kicking Molina in the ankles, while screaming that the deputies were going to die, according to the arrest report.

En route to Plantation Key jail, Arrazcaeta told Molina he was going to be fatally shot, Molina wrote in his report. Arrazcaeta also challenged Molina to pull over, turn off his body and dashboard cameras, and remove his handcuffs “so he could kick my ass,” Molina stated.

According to the report, Arrazcaeta then threatened to kill the deputies with Vodou.

“I am going to do voodoo on you, do you know what voodoo is,” Molina quoted Arrazcaeta saying. “You all going to die. I am going to make sure you all die.”

Along with the theft charge, deputies arrested Arrazcaeta on felony battery on a law enforcement officer, firefighter or medic, making threats against law enforcement officers and resisting arrest with violence. He was released on bond Tuesday afternoon. The bond amount was not immediately available.

Arrazcaeta has pending grand theft and fleeing and eluding charges stemming from a high-speed motorcycle chase on which he led police through Key Largo in February. The motorcycle was stolen from Miami’s Brickell area. Arrazcaeta has a September court appearance scheduled for that case.

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