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This 52-foot yacht is missing. There’s a hefty reward if you know where it is.

The Job, a 52-foot yacht, was stolen off Tavernier Friday, July 13.
The Job, a 52-foot yacht, was stolen off Tavernier Friday, July 13.

Between noon last Thursday and midnight on Friday the 13th, someone stole a 52-foot yacht anchored just offshore in Tavernier.

Now an insurance company is offering $30,000 for information that leads to the vessel’s return.

“Reward amounts for information leading to the safe return and recovery of the vessel shall be determined based on the strength of the information and condition of the vessel at the time of recovery,” according to a Monroe County press release. “The amount of the reward shall be at the sole discretion of the carrier and under no circumstance will it exceed $30,000.”

Owner Jerry Wayne Manning, 70, reported the boat stolen around 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tony Williams’ incident report.

He checks on the vessel, named “The Job,” daily and discovered the cream-colored craft was missing at noon Friday.

He said he paid $235,000 for the yacht, and it is insured for $200,000.

Lt. Nancy Alvarez of the Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with information on the vessel to call her at (305) 853-3211. To report information about “The Job” to the insurance company, call Todd & Associates at 800-325-8066 or (619) 226-1895.

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